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Although I had some doubts in advance about yet another internet company, Study Days Radar has managed to prove itself. Even though the supply is still limited (it is a start-up), the enormous potential is reflected in the current offering. So I’m looking forward to the next study day for a change. This promises to be a large platform.

Diederik, Amsterdam

What a bull’s eye! Study days are no longer a concern. I will definitely use this more often!

Florien, Amsterdam

When will this also be available outside Amsterdam? I’m sure many parents are waiting for this.

Jose, Schiedam

Why hasn’t this been invented before? All those so called study days have brought nothing but stress in our busy household. When my husband is traveling for work and I have to attend my classes, there’s no easy solution. With our both parents living thousands of miles away, the kids’ grandparents are no solution, and all of our friends also have busy schedules.  Needless to say this service is a priceless gift!

Hillary, Amsterdam

With 3 kids at different schools, the many study days throughout the year are an organizational disaster. In that respect, Study Days Radar has a fantastic concept. Let the pilot in Amsterdam succeed quickly and I hope that the national rollout will follow soon. This is what people are longing for.

Peter, Hilversum