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Study Days Radar

Always something to do!
(also during school holidays)

Oh no, study day. School is closed, and your children are at home. Sigh. That means taking time off work or arranging for childcare. Or is there still space at the after-school program?

Good news for all parents with elementary school children: Study Days Radar. Here, you’ll find a list of all study days, complete with activities for the children. Sports, culture, education; a bit of everything. And all right in your neighborhood.

Whether you want to spend the study day together with your child or are looking for a full day program for your child: choose, click, done!


Study Days Radar (SDR) has compiled all the fun activities in your area. From sports and games to culture and creativity but always educational.

Exactly what I need!

Are you also free on the study day and want to do something with your child? Or are you looking for a meaningful way to spend the day for your child? In the upcoming SDR app, you’ll find a list of all activities. Choose, click, done!

The benefits of Study Days Radar (SDR):

  • A fun, active, and educational way to spend study days
  • A wide range of sports, cultural, and/or educational activities nearby
  • From short parent-child activities to full-day programs for the child
  • Always aware of all planned study days in a school year
  • A reminder four weeks in advance of the next study day
  • Easy reservations via the SDR site: choose, click, done!

Exactly what I need!

Discount with the Amsterdam City Pass!

Did you know that with the City Pass, you can also book activities with Study Days Radar? If a partner is connected to our radar, you can book something fun at a reduced rate.

Sports and games are not done alone, you do it together!

Has your child enjoyed something fun through SDR but there’s not enough money to continue?

The Youth Fund for Sports & Culture can help you. They will pay the tuition money for the sport or cultural activities of your child when this is too expensive for you. Click the button for more information!

About SDR

Study Days Radar (SDR) is an initiative by a group of working parents who have experienced ‘the problem’ of study days themselves. When these parents organized a fun activity for an entire class on yet another study day, the idea was born: why not do this for everyone?

Study Days Radar, or SDR for short, seeks and finds a fun, educational way to spend study days for elementary schools. SDR serves as the link between schools, parents, and activity providers. By parents, for parents. And secretly, mainly for the children.


Study days are essential for your school. But parents aren’t always thrilled about them. Study Days Radar changes that: from now on, on the study day, there’s always something to do for your students!

If you provide us with the dates of your study days, we’ll link them to sports, educational, and creative activities from nearby providers.

This will make parents – and your students – very happy. And it gives a nice boost to the activity providers. Can we count on you?

I want to know more!

Want to learn more? Or invite Study Days Radar for an introduction at your school? Leave your details, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.


As a provider of activities for youth – whether it’s in sports, art, music, science, or entertainment – you’ve probably dealt with off-peak hours. When children are in school, it can be pretty quiet for you.

SDR offers you the opportunity to fill those off-peak hours on study days. This is how it works:

  • You let us know what activity you offer.
  • We list your activity in our app so parents can find and reserve it.
  • If you have a minimum number of registrations to make an activity happen, SDR will do everything to fill that number.

Do you offer that great activity that should really be in our app? Let us know!

Do you want more information first? Feel free to ask us any questions you have. You can reach us by phone through the contact form or via email at

In september 2023 a pilot has started in Amsterdam and vincinity. The national roll out will follow in a later stage.